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1305 S. Locust Glenwood, IA  51534 | Phone: (712) 527-1440 | Fax: 712-527-1442
Hours: Mon-Fri:  7:30-5:00   Sat: 8-Noon

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Construction Rental Equipment

Bobcat Skid Loader Rentals                Mini Excavator Rentals                Tractor, Backhoe, and Trencher Rentals


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Bobcat - Skid Loader - S150 Rental 

 BCS 150:
$120 for 4hrs
$160.00 per day
$480.00 per week


BCS 185:
$140.00 for 4hrs
$190.00 per day
$675.00 per week


Bobcat Mini 328:
$135.00 for 4hrs
$195.00 per day
$680.00 per week


Bobcat Mini 316:
$80.00 for 4hrs
$120.00 per day
$460.00 per week

   DitchWitch Trencher 300 Zahn 

Trencher 300 Zahn:



Always remember to call, Iowa One Call, before you dig, to locate all major utilities!




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If you’re looking for construction or other heavy machinery to get a large project done and don't want to spend the money to purchase a machine, Evans Equipment is the rental store you want to come to. We have years of experience in construction, as our Environmental Construction Division of EEC Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. 

Whether you’re in looking for tractors, skid loaders, scissors lifts, or backhoes  Evans Equipment has the experience and expertise to help you decide what piece of equipment is best for your application.

Call (712) 527-1440, or stop in to 1305 S. Locust, Glenwood Iowa today, and together we will get you on your way with the equipment you need at a price that's affordable!

Heavy Equipment Rental Inventory - Photo Albums
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IHI Mini 28N:

$120.00 for 4hrs
$180.00 per day
$630.00 per week
$1,800.00 per month

New Holland:

$105.00 for 4hrs
$150.00 per day
$450.00 per week
$1,800.00 per month

JCB Backhoe:

$175.00 for 4hrs 
$275.00 per day 
$975.00 per week 
$2,925.00 per month

  DitchWitch Trencher 1820

DitchWitch Trencher 1820:

$105.00 for 4hrs 
$160.00 per day 
$550.00 per week 
$1,500.00 per month

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